Dimitie Kendall www.dimitiekendall.com

Recently I worked with Trudi Afford and I was lucky enough to experience her latest discovery of combining the Belief Transformation Technique (BTT) with visualization.

All I can say is Wow!!! What an incredibly powerful tool. The combination of whole brain tapping and creative visualization delivered such a deep, peaceful healing to me that I felt like I was floating on air when I’d finished.

Trudi’s knowledge and expertise are immense in this area. Her technique, I think is a world first! I would highly recommend you do the Belief Transformation Technique if you want to move forward easily and effortlessly.

Dimitie Kendall www.dimitiekendall.com
Kathryn Sheehan www.kathryn-sheehan.com

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Trudi and the transformation I experienced immediately is undeniable!

She is a generous woman who is warm, compassionate and caring.  You can tell that she genuinely cares and has your absolute best interests in mind.

I have tried EFT tapping techniques before but Trudi’s techniques took it to a whole new level both physically & emotionally.  Would recommend her in a heart beat and am so thankful for her kindness and understanding.

Kathryn Sheehan www.kathryn-sheehan.com
Lourika Ferreira

I’ve done various therapies in the past, but none have helped me like the BTT. The Belief Transformation Technique is a tapping technique that is one of a kind.

It’s much easier to do than some other techniques out there and really focuses on the positive. It’s different in the sense that it’s not digging for what’s wrong.

It allows you to paint over limiting beliefs you’ve gained since the day you were born. Thank you Trudi for being kind, loving and having a BIG heart for helping people.

You’re a blessing to me and I’m sure for many others.

Lourika Ferreira
Beth Ann Fischberg   www.YourMagneticPresence.com

I was feeling really stuck and down with an ongoing issue when I had the good fortune of meeting lovely Trudi Afford.

I have experienced EFT many times over the years and found it a powerful technology. Trudi is a true creative master in that she has developed a unique process that doubly amplifies the benefits and results.

Trudi is such a loving compassionate woman. I felt so safe and honored.

Another thing I really appreciate about working with Trudi, is that she is so patient and takes the time to teach you her beautiful process and empower you, so you have the ability to release any disempowering beliefs that show up and experience more joy and ease in life.

Trudi, you are a true beacon of light in the world.”

Love & Gratitude,

Beth Ann Fischberg www.YourMagneticPresence.com
Dr Ranjani Ratnam

Trudi is a warm generous person committed to making a difference. She leads people to find and use strategies to manage the stress in their lives. Her passion for her subject and heart take it beyond training. She makes a difference.

Dr Ranjani Ratnam
Filomena Munoz

Trudi Afford is inspirational, enthusiastic and passionate about educating and empowering others and her charismatic personality is contagious. Trudi has equipped me with the tools and strategies to improve my general well being and to create a more harmonious and effective relationship with my children and family.

Filomena Munoz
Despina Havelas

I have been especially fortunate to experience Trudi’s wonderful workshops. She gives participants a direction in life and teaches skills to deal with the challenges and stressors in our lives. I have seen many positive outcomes.

Despina Havelas

Trudi, you are a glowing beacon of life, warmth, hope and positivity – keep on glowing!

Sherril McCleary

The tools and techniques Trudi teaches to handle life’s challenges are invaluable for your well-being.

Pat Rayner

Trudi is a fantastic teacher and is enthusiastic, interesting and informative. I learnt some great techniques.

Linda Blake

Working with Trudi has helped me move forward like no other person. Trudi is warm and compassionate, understanding and encouraging. She is REAL… dependable and infectious.

Tess Walker