Meet Trudi Afford

Trudi Afford is the author of Belief Renovation and creator of the Belief Transformation Technique. Her strategies have dramatically transformed lives since the onset of her coaching and training business nearly 10 years ago.

Trudi has made an undeniable impact on the lives of others through her speaking, one-on-one consultations, seminars, webinars, and her training delivered through Government Departments, Business, and Not For Profit Organisations.

Trudi understands the importance of self-awareness and the necessity to manage the mind, thoughts, and emotions. She has researched the effects of stress and beliefs for many years and she knows that they have a direct impact on our happiness, health, and success.

But it hasn’t always been that way.

When Trudi was a full-time working mum doing shift work, she became aware of the powerful role the mind plays in all areas of our lives. She and her husband, Tom, both maintained extremely busy working lives with four boys at school to look after. So when Trudi’s health began to decline it threw their life into chaos, emotional turmoil, and financial hardship.

During that time, Trudi found a new way of looking at life and discovered strategies, techniques, and modalities with profound effects she never imagined possible. She then became an avid researcher and personal development addict with a yearning to study and learn about life in new ways.

It was throughout this life-changing experience that Trudi decided to change her career path in order to help others manage tumultuous and fearful times in their lives.

Trudi has lived through many contrasts, starting with the death of her father at 16 years of age. Her second son was born with lung problems and needed extensive hospitalisation and Intensive Care where it was uncertain whether he would make it on a number of occasions. At the same time, she would often be caring for her blind grandmother. So, naturally, sleep deprivation was very real and her heart often felt heavy.

Back then, Trudi would often suffer from headaches, backaches, and other ailments. On a couple of occasions, she had to be hospitalised for various health reasons including viral meningitis. She was extremely fortunate to have a supportive and loving mother and husband and they managed to overcome difficult circumstances together while united as a family.

Recently Trudi cared for her darling mother who passed away from Peritoneal Cancer. It was on this delicate journey with her mum that Trudi decided that she must live her dream and teach as many people as she could about the enormous impact that they can have on their own lives and the ability they have to change what’s not serving them well.

She is passionate about teaching the influence that the mind has on every aspect of life and in particular the impact of the belief system that dictates their futures without them even being aware.

Trudi lives in Melbourne Australia with her husband Tom and their youngest son, who is now twenty years old. She is a loving wife and mother of four boys and remains humbled and grateful that she can serve people here on this website to live the best life possible!

Wholeheartedly, she wants people to know that they can fashion the most glorious life out of what they’ve been given. Every person has the power to receive the gift of a radiant life. Every person is able to seek strategies to strive for health, happiness, and success in everything they do. And Trudi loves nothing more than to show people these strategies.

Her core message in loving memory of her gorgeous mother is:

Make Your Life Count!

If you would like to know more about how to make your life count and change your belief system to align with your core desires, just fill in your details below and start by understanding how you can program your subconscious.